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Olivia Wilder

Nazione: United States

Nata: 1987-10-26

Occhio: Brown

Capelli: Brown

Altezza: 165 cm

Il peso: 55 kg

Tette: Natural

I più visti: 1.6K

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From Olivia herself:-

"Facts about me.

* I went to college and completed it.

* I am bisexual in real life.

*Animal lover!

* I was on a dance team for 8 years growing up.

* I am a very independent person. I have a wonderful, very supportive family (they're amazing people)!

* I am very thankful to have all my wonderful fans!! Thank you all for your support!

* When I'm not filming or modeling, I hike and indoor rock climb. I also do nails as a side job, simply because I enjoy doing it.

* I love the movie 'Step Brothers' and 'The Other Guys' I enjoy movies that make me laugh! I love to laugh!

* I was blessed with a wonderful life. I'm a giver, I'm the person that helps ALL the homeless I see!(I can't help it!) I give to charities to help children and help feed the homeless.

TO MY FANS: IF YOU EVER SEE ME AT A STORE OR ANYWHERE, DON'T BE SCARED/NERVOUS TO COME UP TO ME AND SAY HI OR ASK FOR AN AUTOGRAPH IF YOU'D LIKE, I DON'T MIND AT ALL! I'm a very nice person! With a huge heart! Once again, thank you all for your support! One more thing, please rate me. You don't have to be a member to rate someone(me) THANK U!! Xoxo"

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