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Chastity Lynn

Alias: Chasity Lynne, Chastity Lyn, Chastity Lynne, Chastity Nubiles, Chase, Hailey

Pays: United States

Née: August 10, 1987

œil: Blue

Cheveu: Blonde

La taille: 167 cm

Poids: 51 kg

Seins: Natural

Des vues: 0

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We hope her name doesnt confuse you, because normally a girl named Chastity would make you think of an innocent nun whos scared of cock. Thankfully, Chastity Lynn is all about being one hell of a cock tease. She calls herself a bitch, and her nasty attitude brings guys to their knees. She likes to be known as a brat, and horny dicks would do anything to keep her happy in the hopes that shell put them in her mouth. She likes to be spoiled, and among the many gifts you could shower her with, her favorite is a nice showering of ball juice, if she lets you. Chastity Lynn has made her career about being one of the sexiest cock teases in the business. With her blonde hair sometimes worn curly like a doll, her pale creamy skin and little tits, and that tasty piece of fuck pie between her warm soft thighs, this girl commands attention and satisfaction. Fail to please her and shell bring you down and make your balls bluer than a solid number2 billiard ball. Chastitys got a petite body with tiny boobies that will always make her look like daddys spoiled . Her natural cuteness is just a cover for her rude and troublemaking mind. In the end, however, she just wants some pussy satisfaction like every other good slutlet. Whether shes taming a dick or nose deep in snatch, Chastity is getting all the fun she so bitchily needs.

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